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The Madness of Steve Jobs

Because I decided that I will not pollute my inbox. And also because I can’t seem to find anything as easily as I can on a blog.

Tried Evernote, Momento, DayOne, GoodNotes…. Go figure.

Good ol’ WordPress seems to be the most visual, and the categories and tags are the best taxonomy-organisers for me.

“Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.” 
— Frank Gelett Burgess

Books for 2019

  • Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss
  • Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss
  • Debbie Millman: Design a Life
  • Quiet by Susan Cain (started 13 Jan 2019)
  • Books from Tim Ferriss’ blog
  • The Subtle Art of not Giving a F**k by Mark Manson
  • How to change your mind by Michael Pollan

Added on 13 January 2019

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Jack (LaLanne) used to say it’s okay to take a day off from working out. But on that day, you’re not allowed to eat. That’s the short way of saying you’re not really allowed to get unfocused. Take a vacation. Gather yourself. But know that the only reason you’re here on this planet is to follow your star and do what the Muse tells you. It’s amazing how a good day’s work will get you right back to feeling like yourself.” 

Tribe of Mentors

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Fail Safe

As Robert Frost wrote, a poem “begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It is never thought to begin with.”

Needs and wants

“Most people have more needs than wants. That’s why they live the lives they do. But the world is run by those whose wants outstrip their needs.” — Rules of Civility