Oh Lynda

Got myself a month’s subscription of Linkedin Learning, affectionately known as Lynda.

In addition to Deke McClelland from Photoshop days, I’m also enjoying the classes by Von Glitschka.

Amongst, many other things, I’ve also trialed:

  • Affinity Designer (desktop)
  • Astute Graphics Plug-ins
  • a month of AstroPad
  • bought Affinity Designer iPad on 50% (on date)

Had a successful work meeting on 13 April 2020.

Dean Poole

This talk by Dean Poole is a gem.

ABC according to Dean Poole

New Zealand-based art director Dean Poole started his presentation at Design Indaba drawing out the forms of the letters we use, and take for granted, every day.

A is an H designed by an architect

B has a figure and is working on it

C got separated from O and never healed

D ate too much

E is the cannibal with a fork

F is the victim

G swallowed its tongue

H raised the bar

I the naturalist

J the naturalist arouse

K shoots from the hip

L is flatfooted

N is a Z that never got out of bed

O likes to sing 

Q pokes fun at O

R is poser

S suffers from motion sickness

T is I that branched out

V has split ends

W is Ping-Pong

X is busting to relieve itself

Y gives you options

Z sidesteps most situations