Brioche No. 5

Made for Pearlyn’s mom but did not proof in time.

Reduced milk powder to 10g. Thin and strong windowpane.
Rested 1 hour before shaping with a little flour.
Four-strand braid, 12 inches per strand is too long. It should be 11″.

Rested about an hour before going into fridge for overnight proof.
Barely grew in fridge.

Next morning took about 2 hours to come back to room temperature.
Finished proofing in oven warmed to 75°C then switched off.

So if using the fridge to break up the fermentation, add another two hours to the proofing time. This is the time required for the dough to come back to room temperature, even with the help of the warm oven. Need to check optimum proofing temperature.

Also, try baking at 185°C instead.

Baking time was pretty long at 180°C without fan, and internal dough temperature was below 90 after 20mins, too low for my liking.
I like the flavour. It tastes like yoghurt. Nice crumb too.

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