Don’t tell me
about your unrequited love
the one you’ve been pining for
I’ve heard that shit before.

Spare me your tales of childhood rape
father’s rage
mother’s fear
as if you were
the only one who suffers
I don’t care
your existential tragedies

Come to me naked or avoid me altogether:
Leave your facades for those who think in words.
Show me the silence
your mouth and body language

We are in a room
too small for movement
Dance me with your stillness
or shut up

Oh Lynda

Got myself a month’s subscription of Linkedin Learning, affectionately known as Lynda.

In addition to Deke McClelland from Photoshop days, I’m also enjoying the classes by Von Glitschka.

Amongst, many other things, I’ve also trialed:

  • Affinity Designer (desktop)
  • Astute Graphics Plug-ins
  • a month of AstroPad
  • bought Affinity Designer iPad on 50% (on date)

Had a successful work meeting on 13 April 2020.

Silent Super 5T

VTG 1957 Smith Corona Silent Super 5T Seafoam Typewriter & Case Needs Ink Ribbon
Has been cleaned. Works but needs a new ink ribbon. Comes with vintage original carrying case with key and manual.

This beauty came via FedEx today —$140.00 + $44.28. Very impressed with ebay’s Global Shipping Programme. It took just 10 days from Barboursville, Virginia, United States, from the time I made payment (on October 14)!

The outside has been cleaned, but not the inside. Packaging was done very well. But some “typewriter-specific” packaging would’ve been nice, such as stuffing some paper to prevent the typebars from moving.

But it came with the manual and key, which was a really nice touch. The case was also in good condition.

Check out the pink version here.

Coming up daisies

Bought daisies from the market yesterday. Today, I learnt how to take macro shots with the x70 using manual focus with MF Assist. It is still not as sharp as I would like, but still, I find it pretty impressive for the x70.

Then I learnt about Lightroom:
The healing tool, Split toning, keywording
I would like to download some free profiles or presets.

Still confused about Lightroom (I think they’ve just updated and removed CC from the name). All the profiles are missing.

Before that, I tried to fix the sticky keys on the Traveller de Luxe, with spotty success.

So important to keep close watch on what I am doing with my time.