Dean Poole

This talk by Dean Poole is a gem.

ABC according to Dean Poole

New Zealand-based art director Dean Poole started his presentation at Design Indaba drawing out the forms of the letters we use, and take for granted, every day.

A is an H designed by an architect

B has a figure and is working on it

C got separated from O and never healed

D ate too much

E is the cannibal with a fork

F is the victim

G swallowed its tongue

H raised the bar

I the naturalist

J the naturalist arouse

K shoots from the hip

L is flatfooted

N is a Z that never got out of bed

O likes to sing 

Q pokes fun at O

R is poser

S suffers from motion sickness

T is I that branched out

V has split ends

W is Ping-Pong

X is busting to relieve itself

Y gives you options

Z sidesteps most situations