Silent Super 5T

VTG 1957 Smith Corona Silent Super 5T Seafoam Typewriter & Case Needs Ink Ribbon
Has been cleaned. Works but needs a new ink ribbon. Comes with vintage original carrying case with key and manual.

This beauty came via FedEx today —$140.00 + $44.28. Very impressed with ebay’s Global Shipping Programme. It took just 10 days from Barboursville, Virginia, United States, from the time I made payment (on October 14)!

The outside has been cleaned, but not the inside. Packaging was done very well. But some “typewriter-specific” packaging would’ve been nice, such as stuffing some paper to prevent the typebars from moving.

But it came with the manual and key, which was a really nice touch. The case was also in good condition.

Check out the pink version here.

Coming up daisies

Bought daisies from the market yesterday. Today, I learnt how to take macro shots with the x70 using manual focus with MF Assist. It is still not as sharp as I would like, but still, I find it pretty impressive for the x70.

Then I learnt about Lightroom:
The healing tool, Split toning, keywording
I would like to download some free profiles or presets.

Still confused about Lightroom (I think they’ve just updated and removed CC from the name). All the profiles are missing.

Before that, I tried to fix the sticky keys on the Traveller de Luxe, with spotty success.

So important to keep close watch on what I am doing with my time.


These days,
is the new normal.

Yes, I get out of bed
But only for very good reasons:
Peeing, pooing, but not farting.

Brush my teeth twice a day.
Make that twice in a row,
every other day.

Showering is
for special occasions only
Birthdays, anniversaries,

Christmas, but not New Year
Because there’s nothing New
about the New Year.

It’s the same uninvited guest
with a plus one this time
A re-run of last.

Same resolution to
lose the same five pounds
Run the same 10k, only slower.

The same year,
But for a hotter summer,
a colder winter.


Still got pictures of friends on the wall
I suppose we aren’t really friends anymore
Maybe I shouldn’t ever have called
That thing friendly at all
Get freaked out from a knock at the door
When I haven’t been expecting one
Didn’t that used to be part of the fun, once upon a time?
We’ll be there at the back of the bar
In a booth like we usually were
Every time there was a rocket launch
Or some big event

What a death I died writing that song
Start to finish, with you looking on
It stays between us, Steinway and his sons
‘Cause it’s the ultracheese
Perhaps it’s time that you went for a walk
And dress like a fictional character
From a place they called America
In the golden age
Trust the politics to come along
When you were just trying to orbit the sun

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is so f**king excellent.